Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summertime Dropouts Set To Release First Single From "Rewind"

Voluminous Records' flagship artist Summertime Dropouts is set to release Full Time Cutie, the first single from their upcoming debut album Rewind.

Executive Producer Clint Gibbs, who has been involved with a laundry list of the "who's who" on Top 40 radio states, “their skill and dedication to the music is on par with the ’A’ crop of major label acts. After hearing the Summertime demos I knew they had a great record ahead of them.”

Full Time Cutie tells the story of a teen content with her life as a popular outsider and music head who refuses to get caught up in the melodramatic games typical of highschoolers. Instead, she'd rather cut against the grain and immerse herself in her bright pink guitar en route to a Grammy.

A corresponding video for Full Time Cutie will be released to major video outlets in time for the album release set for June 12th.

About Summertime Dropouts:

On its Voluminous Records debut album entitled Rewind, Minneapolis-based Pop Punk band Summertime Dropouts has crafted an indelible collection of songs which transport the listener on a trip down memory lane to a time when life was much simpler and carefree, far removed from the burdens of a complex world.

From a musical perspective, the band draws from the inspiration of bands like All-American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, Blink-182 and Sum 41 to create a musical masterpiece brimming with pure pop punk magic.

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