Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CLG Distribution Scores Placement on iTunes For BreatheDeep's "Different" Album

CLG's Digital Distribution division markets distributed titles to the various digital retail sites based on the merits of each project. Titles with a "story to tell" are often selected for prominent placement on one or more of the major sites. Our latest placement is for the album "Different" from Minnesota's Modern Worship group "breathedeep".

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Using to update many sites now. Looks to be very interesting and time-saving!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Releases - Week of May 12, 2009

This week's new releases:

Sara Renner - All For Love
UPC: 7-03132-28932-8
SRP: $12.99
Genre: Pop

You listen to music to feel good, to remind you of good times and to comfort you in sad times. Remember the feeling you got when you heard Anita Baker sing “Sweet Love” and you wanted to be in love just like that? Or have you ever sat on the dock overlooking a crystal clear lake and looked up at the stars and listened to Stevie Wonder’s “As”… “until the rainbow burns the stars out of the sky , until the ocean covers every mountain high..I’ll be lovin’ you always”…couldn’t you just feel the love of your Creator?

Sara Renner's music is passionate. On her fourth album entitled "All For Love," Sara strays away from her traditional jazz-laden, soulful gospel format to explore a more "poppy" style. Fans of her previous efforts will rediscover the signature voice they know and love. Teamed up once again with producer Nate Sabin (Sara Groves), a remarkable album has been assembled which will appeal to Sara's rabid fan base while, at the same time, draw interest from a whole new segment of music lovers.

breathedeep - Different
UPC: 7-03132-28922-9
SRP: $11.99
Genre: Modern Worship

In a cluttered contemporary Christian scene packed with a plethora of worship clones, the term authenticity may be thrown around a lot though, in reality, is rarely executed to its fullest degree. However, for the members of breathedeep, pouring out an authentic artistic outpouring is only half the battle, instead filling up the remainder of the equation with an amazingly genuine approach to vertical songwriting that doesn't just focus on the sunshine drenched satisfactions of life, but also its disruptive chaos and constant stream of trials. Both are bold paths indeed, but ones founders Mike King (with a troupe of instrumental backers) unashamedly walks throughout their sophomore effort, laying down all burdens before the cross while simultaneously offering unconditional glory to God.