Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Releases - Week of June 22, 2010

This week's new release:

Jon Bauer - Light of Another World (EP)
UPC: 6-22306-91642-9
SRP: $3.96
Genre: Contemporary / Modern Worship
Notes: Digital Only

Canada’s best & brightest artists have certainly made a major impact on the American Christian music scene. While it is no secret that Canada has produced a bumper crop of uniquely talented artists in many genres over the years, the country’s batting average in Christian music has been especially noteworthy. And now, in 2010, Canadian singer/songwriter Jon Bauer is stepping up to the plate. Jon’s third worship-focused recording, the Light of Another World EP, is also his US debut, and he’s excited to share his music—and his heart—with an ever-growing audience. Produced by 2010 Dove Awards “Producer of the Year” Rusty Varenkamp (Rush of Fools, Tenth Avenue North), Light of Another World features four selections written or co-penned by Jon. “My heart is to encourage people that worship is more than music. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s a choice. We need to look for ways to serve God and serve others, representing Him to this hurting world.”

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jack Yates - The Journal of Jack Yates

Jack Yates new project, "The Journal of Jack Yates" is currently featured in LifeWay Christian Stores' "Get To Know" program and will be featured through July 3rd. Jack is out touring to support the new release and will be performing at the GMWA Gospel Announcer's Guild Showcase on July 26th in Cincinnati, OH. In addition, the second single entitled "Who Am I?" is currently being promoted to radio by Vernice Watson from The Artist Agency.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Releases - Week of June 8, 2010

This week's new release:

Jayreed - Holy (EP)
UPC: 6-95211-91221-0
SRP: $2.97
Genre: Gospel Rap / Holy Hip-Hop
Notes: Digital Only

Born James Wilbert Fleetwood Jr., JAYREED (which stands for Just A Young Radical Evangelist Executing Deliverance) started his Christian Rap ministry in 2003. At the time, he was enlisted in the U. S. Navy aboard the U. S. S. Ronald Reagan. Longing to share his faith with others, it was a common thing to catch the fiery MC ministering to others through music. One day while at sea he had an experience that would convince him to devote his entire life to his “Holy Hip Hop” ministry. During a performance of his song, “Everlasting Life,” a young man burst out of the crowd and fell to his knees, asking God to forgive his sins. Shortly after, a number of different people came seeking prayer for salvation and deliverance. It was a scene that he would never forget. This event made it clear that the Navy was only a temporary stop for the enthusiastic minister. The Holy EP (available in digital format only) is a precursor to his forthcomingfull-length album entitled "Further Upon The Rock" slated for October 2010.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Re:Heat Conference 2010

Christian Music Conference

Click here to register!

Christ Haven Lodge - Florrisant, CO
December 2 -4, 2010

In the midst of these difficult times we are calling you out to stoke the fires fueling the calling on your life. Sponsored by CLG (Chrematizo Label Group) & Goodtree Records, the RE:Heat Conference for 2010 is stacking up to be a groundbreaking event in Christian Music conferences. We will beging the conference Thursday evening with a night of worship and a discussion on the heart of music ministry. We're also bringing in some of the industry's top professionals to discuss key elements of the Christian Music Business from an indie perspective. This introductory notice introduces two of our featured speakers...and more will be revealed in future notices. But here's where it gets really interesting: we will be conducting songwriting sessions and tracking/recording the results during the course of the conference. That's right, you read that correctly! We will have a Pro Tools set-up at the conference and will be pairing up artists/bands from multiple genres with the ultimate goal of creating "Mash-Up Compositions" each spanning multiple genres and will professionally record the results on-site. We're shooting for 6-8 songs and will release the compilation album nationally. The best song (as determined by the sponsors) will be promoted nationally to radio by our very own guest speaker Chris Chicago.

Early registration is now open. Fees begin at $299 per person for the entire weekend & include lodging, meals & transportation to & from the airport. Follow the link at the top of this message to learn more about discounts for those of you registering early, as well as other critical details. Feel free to call for more information.

Chris Chicago of Shamrock Media & Hype Radio Network

Chris is a top-notch radio promoter and has worked with some of the biggest names in the Christian industry. As a result, he has played a vital role in breaking many successful singles on the Billboard Christian CHR & Rock charts. Chris also hosts Hype Radio, the #1 syndicated Christian Hip-Hop show heard in over 200+ markets across the globe.

David C. Coleman of Chrematizo Label Group, CLG Distribution &

Dave has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years and served as a senior buyer for 15 years with the largest independent distributor in the country. As both a business owner and a music, he is passionate about the art of music and the mission of ministry.

Top 10 Digital Tracks - April, 2010

Top 10 Digital Tracks - April, 2010
  1. Dangerous Prayer - Kathleen Carnali
  2. Highest Praise - Kathleen Carnali
  3. Just Another Day - Kathleen Carnali
  4. I'm Just Gonna Praise - Kathleen Carnali
  5. You Came For Me - BreatheDeep
  6. Oh Oh Lord - Kathleen Carnali
  7. More Popular Than Christ - Kathleen Carnali
  8. Rejoice - Kathleen Carnali
  9. Carry Me - Kathleen Carnali
  10. Trouble (feat. Mali Music) - Zion

Top 10 Digital Albums - April, 2010

Top 10 Digital Albums - April, 2010
  1. S.O.C.O.M. - Kingdom Music
  2. BreatheDeep - Different
  3. 3D Remedy - The GREAT-I-AM
  4. Sevin - Father Forgive Me
  5. A Road Less Traveled - Rescue
  6. A.B.G. - Still I Rise
  7. Brown King - Back 2 Jesus
  8. Words In Windows - Balloons
  9. Jason Lovins Band - Good Morning Glory
  10. A.B.G. - Hell's Most Wanted

New Releases - Week of June 1, 2010

This weeks' new releases:

Rezurrected Muzic Presents: Tha Circus
UPC: 7-03132-29612-8
SRP: $11.98
Genre: Gospel Rap / Holy Hip Hop

Rezurrected Muzic recording artists Minority and Illustrate have joined forces on their latest effort entitled Tha Circus. The album addresses the regional divide in musical styles within the hip hop community while maintaining a unified focus on Christ. Thematically, the album reveals how hip hop music sometimes becomes entrenched in a battle over which style reigns supreme. Musically, the album is ground-breaking and successfully combines elements of virtually every style within the genre. The end result is a unique and diverse genre all its own. Ultimately, Minority and Illustrate embrace the contradictions of hip hop politics while setting aside the differences to focus on the true message behind the music - that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Producers on the project include: Jason Salter (Dove-nominated K2's, The Carlos Mencias Show, The Baka Boyz), Base Jase (Rhythm of Gospel nominated M.V.P., M.T.V.), DK Kair One, Beats Bionic and Illustrate.

Jack Yates - The Journal of Jack Yates
UPC: 7-93573-78082-9
SRP: $13.98
Genre: Contemporary / Pop / Gospel

“Smooth as silk” and “melodic as the sound of a hummingbird over a gentle spring breeze” are some of the cliches that are mentioned when referring to the vocal stylings of Jack Yates. Former lead singer/producer of 3-time Stellar Award Nominee James Grear and Company, Jack enters the gospel music arena with his first solo project that speaks volumes to humanity in the 21st Century. The Journal of Jack Yates is filled with messages of love and inspiration presented through the medium of music and spoken word with Jazz, R&B, and Rock influences. This project has something for everyone as it includes an earth shaking traditional hymn coupled with words of wisdom from Jack’s personal journal. Produced by Jack and the esteemed Pharis Evans, you will find your heart filled with inspiration as this project encourages you to continue on your life's matter who or where you are.