Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top 10 Digital Tracks - May, 2011

Top 10 Digital Tracks - May, 2011

1. Call Him Up - Keith Pringle
2. Fall Over Me - Jon Bauer
3. Dangerous Prayer - Kathleen Carnali
4. Highest Praise - Kathleen Carnali
5. Just Another Day - Kathleen Carnai
6. Perfect Peace - Keith Pringle
7. Trouble (feat. Mali Music) - Zion
8. Light of Another World - Jon Bauer
9. Oh Oh Lord - Kathleen Carnali
10. Come and Save Us - Jon Bauer

Top 10 Digital Albums - May, 2011

Top 10 Digital Albums - May, 2011

1. S.O.C.O.M. - Kingdom Music
2. Keith Pringle - Nothing Too Hard For God
3. Sir-Viva & Result - Heart Condition
4. Nabiy - Impact: Sounds & Instruments
5. BreatheDeep - Different
6. Zion - Bury Me
7. Sevin - Father Forgive Me
8. 3D Remedy - The GREAT-I-AM
9. Jason Lovins Band - Good Morning Glory
10. A Road Less Traveled - Rescue

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Triumphant Return of Miss Angie!

A native of Springfield, Mo., Angie Turner, better known as Miss Angie, first introduced her signature blend of rock, electronic and pop sounds on debut album, 100 Million Eyeballs, released by Myrrh/Word Records in 1997. The record spawned a No. 1 CHR single with “Lift My Eyes,” whose music video was featured on “WOW 1997-98: The Year’s Top Christian Music Videos” DVD. Miss Angie followed her freshman release with a second album, Triumphantine in 1999, which again produced a No. 1 CHR hit “Dancin’ In My Head.” The two critically acclaimed projects additionally afforded Miss Angie touring opportunities alongside such artists as Sixpence None the Richer while garnering her major festival appearances, including Cornerstone, among others.

“Kick Drum” announces the triumphant return of Miss Angie to the forefront of Christian Music. Mixed by Jonathan Castelli (Lady Gaga), this infectious new single is already proving to have a huge impact in its first week at Christian CHR & Rock radio. Preview/buy the single NOW on iTunes!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why You Need A Professional Radio Promoter

From the Shamrock Media Group website:


Radio stations receive hundreds of CDs every month but very few are reviewed by programmers, which is the first step to airplay. Programmers must be solicited via personal relationships for feedback on the artist and song prior to consideration for airplay. By actively connecting with programmers, radio promotion specialists are able to move your release from the “unknown” CD stack to the “for consideration” CD stack and then into the decision-making process that leads to a position in a station’s playlist. Feedback from radio programmers is provided to you in detailed bi-weekly reports. Radio promoters are also able to arrange on-air interviews and private staff performances which increase the probability of radio support and audience response


There are five main reasons to hire a professional radio promoter

1. Established Relationships

2. Professional Industry Methods

3. Direct Contact With Programmers

4. Experience & Knowledge

5. Full-Time Attention


There are several options depending on which format your music is promoted to, or a combination of formats for the widest audience impact. Shamrock consistently delivers music to radio programmers on a “life of the single” basis which ensures maximum radio exposure. Each single is given a 3-4 week setup period prior to the set add and impact date, during which each programmer is introduced to the single.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 10 Digital Tracks - April, 2011

Top 10 Digital Tracks - April, 2011

1. Call Him Up - Keith Pringle
2. Highest Praise - Kathleen Carnali
3. Fall Over Me - Jon Bauer
4. Dangerous Prayer - Kathleen Carnali
5. I'm Just Gonna Praise - Kathleen Carnali
6. Just Another Day - Kathleen Carnali
7. Light of Another World - Jon Bauer
8. Carry Me - Kathleen Carnali
9. Perfect Peace - Keith Pringle
10. Oh Oh Lord - Kathleen Carnali

Top 10 Digital Albums - April, 2011

Top 10 Digital Albums - April, 2011

1. S.O.C.O.M. - Kingdom Music
2. CY - High Wire Act
3. Keith Pringle - Nothing Too Hard For God
4. Verbal Contact - Alter Call
5. Sir-Viva & Results - Heart Condition
6. Jim Labriola - Heart Condition
7. BreatheDeep - Different
8. Zion - Bury Me
9. Brown King - Back 2 Jesus
10. Verbal Contact - The Trinity Within Me

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Viktory To Premier Official Single & Music Video on June 7th

HUNTSVILLE, AL (June 2nd, 2011) - Viktorious Music Group (VMG) on behalf of Christian Hip Hop Artist Viktory is releasing the first official single from the new album "Birth of a Legacy", entitled "Tickin' Away" on June 7th 2011. The album will be released on Tuesday, June 28th 2011. The song features vocals from Grammy nominated producer Kelvin Wooten (Anthony Hamilton, Floetry) and CCM vocalist Kathleen Carnali (Chrematizo Label Group / Good Tree Records).

"The song deals with the fear we all experience when its time to venture out into uncertainty. The aim is to encourage the listener to attack, and be aggressive when it comes to Faith and personal destiny." says Viktory. "Tickin' Away is about being bold and courageous when it comes to what God says about you. Be relentless."

During the month of July Viktory will be on a 10 city tour across the U.S. visiting Maryland, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, New York, Illinois, Ohio and Arkansas. The album will be available in stores and online in all prominent retailers.