Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Releases - Week of March 3, 2009

This week's new releases:

breathedeep - breathedeep
UPC: 7-03132-27162-0
SRP: $9.99
Genre: Modern Worship

In a cluttered contemporary Christian scene packed with a plethora of worship music clones, the term authenticity may be thrown around a lot, though in reality, is rarely executed to its fullest degree. However for the members of Breathe Deep, pouring out an authentic artistic outpouring is only half the battle, instead filling up the remainder of the equation with an amazingly genuine approach to vertical songwriting that doesn’t just focus on the sunshine drenched satisfactions of life, but also its disruptive chaos and constant steam of trials. Both are bold paths indeed, but ones worship leader and founder Mike King and company unashamedly walk throughout a self-titled CD, laying down all burdens before the cross, while simultaneously offering unconditional glory to God.

That isn’t to say the thirteen-track disc (with Grammy winning Audio Adrenaline production alum Jason Burkum at the helm) isn’t replete with joy, it’s just manifested through a series of subjects that unveil the group’s vulnerable side to songwriting. Yet throughout times of trouble and tussle, Breathe Deep reminds all that God’s grace is always available for the truly repentant sinner and that He’s always by our side no matter how high the burdens pile up.