Saturday, July 3, 2010

CLG Distribution Inks Deal with Hollar Records

CLG Distribution has added Hollar Records to its growing list of up-and-coming independent Christian record labels. The first release slated for September 28, 2010 will come from flagship band 39 Stripes. 39 Stripes is a veteran Christian Rock band which originated in Tampa, Florida in 1998 and has been featured on national television, performed at many summer festivals over the course of the years and has been featured in numerous music magazines as well. The band's first three album releases received considerable airplay on radio stations around the world with songs breaching the top 10 on many Christian Rock charts. The band's upcoming release is entitled "Beyond Broken" and the first single, Mustard Seed, will be serviced to Christian Rock radio by Chris Chicago of Shamrock Media Group beginning late July.

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