Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Distribution Update

We recently finished our partnership with 7digital and have already delivered our catalog. Your music either already has shown up or will over the next few weeks. 7digital is a privately held digital media delivery company based in the United Kingdom, offering downloadable music, video and movies to customers primarily within major European markets. has gone through several different stages, and we've negotiated with them on and off. Finally we are glad to announce that we have a very competitive deal in place and your music has alreay been delivered and is live. is a music website, founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. It has claimed over 40 million active users based in more than 190 countries

We will begin delivering to Google Music next week so we expect for the catalog to be live around the middle of February. Google Music is an online music streaming service and online music store.

We have signed an agreement with Neurotic Media and are awaiting their to upgrade their ingestion to be DDEX compliant. As soon as we recieve word that they are, then we will deliver the catalog to them. Neurotic Media has established itself as the leading platform provider of private-label online and mobile entertainment download solutions.

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