Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Releases - Week of October 18, 2011

Artist: Heanon
Album Title: He Reigns (Single)
UPC: 8-96532-54122-3
SRP: $.99
Genre: Inspirational / Soul


With music that will last and a heart that keeps expressing hope, love, conviction, and truth we present: Heanon. No stranger to the Gospel and Christian world, Heanon has emerged as a seasoned voice in the music industry.

He delivers a Word driven,inspirational concept of music that gets right to the souls of people everywhere. He doesn’t just produce songs, he produces movements. Heanon understands that everybody goes through difficult times. He creates music that helps the process of going through. Heanon has a style that mends broken hearts and is eager to give of his gift from God in song to the World, believing that one song can transform a mind and one mind can transform a nation. Heanon has established himself as producer, songwriter, and artist to the world. Look for more God things from this gift to the Body of Christ.

His humility drives worshipful songs to a level of “experience with God,” and his conviction of the heart makes the message plain and clear that even a child could understand. He is the very unorthodox Senior Pastor of Inner Courts Global Outreach in Irmo, South Carolina and Orlando, Florida. He is simply a preacher singing messages from the heart. Heanon has long been thought of as a major talent in the songwriting world. He has gifted the Body of Christ with such great movements like: Real, Thoughts of Virtue, Open My Eyes, Do Ya Care, It’s Ok and many more.

His keen ear for the “proper words to heal a heart” has placed him in a place that sets apart songs and messages. His unique sound was molded throughout the years from such influences as: Commissioned, The Winans, Christopher L. Gray, Chicago, Peter Cetera, Vicki Winans, Fred Hammond, John P. Kee, J. Moss, Bishop Ronald E. Brown, and many others.

Artist: Mosaic
Album Title: Teach Us
UPC: 8-84501-56347-5
SRP: $12.98
Genre: Modern Worship / Americana


It’s 6:30 A.M. The perpetual road trip continues. Five friends, armed with strong coffee, are once again loading up their trailer, leaving Nashville to share their songs and stories in another new town. Their vision is clear, their hope is alive, and they can’t keep quiet.

God brought the group Mosaic together under this united vision: to teach God’s Word through music (Colossians 3:16). As songwriters, friends, and followers of Christ, they seek to write worshipful, Scripture-infused songs that feature rich harmonies and musical creativity. Their newest album, Teach Us, is a collection of lessons that the Holy Spirit has taught them individually from the Word of God. They see Its power transforming their lives, and their desire is that God would use these songs to encourage a love for His Word in the hearts of those who listen. As five individuals with various gifts and personalities, they desire to exemplify the beauty of the Body of Christ as they join together for one common purpose (Eph 4:1). In the same way, their different musical backgrounds and songwriting styles blend together to form one sound, which features hints of several genres, such a bluegrass, folk, pop and rock.

“Each song carries the personal flair of the writer,” explains Molly Lockwood, “but because we arrange as a group, there is a consistency to our music.” Songs like “Love Will Never Fail,” “One” and “Teach Us to Love” feature Mosaic’s signature vocal harmonies.

Artist: Judah Racham
Album Title: 360
UPC: 7-03132-30402-1
SRP: $9.99
Genre: Gospel Rap / Holy Hip-Hop
Notes: Digital Only


Judah Racham was the leader of GreenJade, UK's premier Tru-skool Hip-Hop group since 1996 and part of the hip-hop duo Judah & Secret in 2004. He has been making great music for over a decade now! His new album 360 takes the listener on a journey to show that life has its up and downs, things even come round full circle – 360 degrees, in fact – and many of us learn from all that’s gone before. Such is the case for UK artist, lyricist and MC Judah Racham. Back on the circuit for 2011 with a borough-sized haul of booming beats from producer Endurance (Stone 2 tha Dome Productions), hindsight has brought forth many witty ideas, now inked dry and ready to launch the solo career of the south Londoner.

As part of GreenJade, Judah has travelled to numerous countries, performed in both Europe and the U.S., received hip-hop awards and been part of the social action work to reduce gun and knife crime with the Gunz Down (now named Fighting Chance) tour in schools across the whole of London. As a result the track ‘Gunz Down’ was play-listed on Choice FM and the video was played on MTV. The album Truth Syrum received much love from the media (DJ MAG, Blues & Soul, NEW NATION) and received airplay from CHOICE FM, BBC RADIO 1XTRA, RADIO 1 as well as a number of pirate and internet radio stations, and also earned a distribution deal with an independent record label in Japan.

Judah’s premier single ‘Righteous Muzik’ (featuring MOBO Award winner Jahaziel & Gemz) is brimming with an insanely spiraling string loop, and its big guitar riffs run alongside low-slung funk-based beats as the rhymes pace themselves over the rapper’s bouncy flow.

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