Friday, September 9, 2011

CLG Distribution Free Music Sampler - Fall 2011

Pick up the brand new CLG Distribution Free Music Sampler featuring some of the amazing new material available through CLG Distribution this fall. Amongst those featured on the album are former Word/Myrrh Records artist Miss Angie, former Centricity/SPIN360 artist Matt Papa, former WU-TANG collaborator 7vnseal, BET's "Sunday's Best" finalist Maurice Griffin, Canadian Dove Award-Winning artist Jon Bauer, JCTV Top 10 Video Countdown Guest Host John The Rap'tist and many more amazingly fresh indie Christian artists. Click HERE to visit NoiseTrade for the free album download:

Artists include:
  1. Miss Angie - Kick Drum
  2. Matt Papa - Jesus Is Lord
  3. Jon Bauer - Light of Another World
  4. Mosaic - Japheth Song
  5. Scarlet White - Breathe
  6. Fades Away - Choir of Failure (from the upcoming album Perceptions)
  7. At The Onset - Notwithstanding
  8. 39 Stripes - Saving Me A Place
  9. Maurice Griffin - My Heavenly Father
  10. 7vnseal - D-Day (from the upcoming album Drama On The Horizon)
  11. Sir-Viva & Result - Keep Flying
  12. John The Rap'tist - God Is Love (1st John 4)
  13. CY - As The World Turns
  14. Soul Water - Get It Done
  15. Zerubbabel - I Know You Coming Back

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