Thursday, April 24, 2008

2008 MidWest Music Festival - May 3, 2008

The MidWest Music Festival was founded in 2006 by Jason Mitchell (aka Gospel Rap Artist "S.O.C.O.M."). Originally dubbed the "MidWest Holy Hip Hop Fest" the name was later changed due to the intent to incorporate other genres of music as well as other forms of ministry into the mix. The first year's roster included at least 9 Hip-Hop Groups/Artists from across the country. The event was very successful and opened up many doors for Gospel & Hip-Hop in Colorado Springs. In the few years since inception, the Festival has already expanded to include Spoken Word, Rhythm & Praise and Dance Teams.

In 2007, the line-up featured Lecrae and Mark J. The first day of the festival took place in Denver and moved to Colorado Springs for day two. The event turned out to be a great success with a combined attendance of over 1,200 during the course of the two day event. Over 120 souls were saved and/or re-dedicated to Christ.

This year's festival, although a one day event taking place on Saturday, May 3rd, will likely prove to be the most successful festival to date. This year will feature Grammy-nominated National Recording Artist "Da T.R.U.T.H." as well as eight other nationally-known artists from across the country including: J Dubb, Supa Mario, Dillon Chase, D-M.A.U.B., C-Micah, Da Clay, JayMay and Lil Prophet.

Over $500 in cash and prizes will be given away during the course of the night, as well as a special door prize for the first 150 in attendance.

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