Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jesus Wired: Indie Hits! Vol. 1

Street Date: 11/29/11

Finally! In the vein of the famous “WOW Hits” and other great compilation series, Jesus Wired Entertainment & Chrematizo Label Group bring you "Jesus Wired: Indie Hits! Vol. 1," a compilation of truly viable Indie hits to the marketplace. From legendary Black Gospel Choir pioneer Keith Pringle to some of Contemporary Christian’s past, present and future stars, this compilation is loaded with exceptionally artistic music. Former Word Records’ artist Miss Angie returns with the brilliant pop single “Kick Drum.” Matt Papa, formerly of Centrity/Spin 360, brings the uncompromising spirit of legendary Keith Green back to Christian music. And BET’s “Sunday’s Best” semi-finalist Maurice Griffin demonstrates why he is a colossal force to be reckoned with in Black Gospel. But that’s just the beginning. Some of the newest and most gifted Holy Hip-Hop artists bring serious heat to the album. Former Wu-Tang/Killa Bees collaborator 7vnseal packs an aggressive Christian Soldier vibe and breathes a level of street cred rarely found in Christian Rap. And the word-for-word King James version rap bible recitals of John The Rap’tist are truly something to behold. Make no mistake—this is authentically creative music worthy of any true music fan’s attention!

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