Sunday, February 10, 2008

Commissioned Vol. 1 Christian Music Sampler CD

Order your free copy of "Commissioned Volume 1: A CLG Distribution Christian Music Sampler". For the price of TWO digital downloads ($1.99), we'll ship you a 16-track CD with some of today's HOTTEST independent Christian musicians from virtually every genre under the Son. From CCM to Rap, Instrumental to Rock, this CD is jam-packed full of great material. If you like the "WOW!" series, you're going to LOVE this collection of great music.

Get your free copy now! Artists include:
  • Andy Monosmith
  • Kathleen Carnali
  • Brian Bates
  • Terron Brooks
  • Jon Bauer
  • Douglas James Hood
  • The Torn Curtain
  • Kate Hurley
  • Hersey L. Coles
  • Darnell Davis & The Remnant
  • Gina Green
  • Nekia Parchell
  • 3D Remedy
  • Zion
  • Divine Flava (feat. MVP, Spanish Kid, Rollah, Dyscyple & Unf8abo)
  • Janet Walters
Four songs from the CD are currenlty available for download on They'll only be available for a limited time, so visit the site now to download the songs:

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